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Energy efficiency is an important factor when considering the design and build of every new home. Putting in the effort now will mean a future-proof build with added energy savings, greater health and comfort benefits and a more environmentally friendly house.

Energy efficient homes are designed in such a way so as to reduce excess energy consumption and the demand for non-renewable resources. For a new build this means considering things like building materials, the positioning of the house, and waste reduction, both during the build and throughout ongoing living.

what amkes an energy efficient house?

What makes an energy efficient house?

There are many factors that influence the energy efficiency of a home; it is all of these things combined that make up the ideal energy efficient house. However both new and existing homes can be improved using some or all of the following strategies and products.

Good Insulation

Good home health starts with good insulation, enjoy a warmer, drier and healthier home by ensuring top quality insulation throughout.

Efficient Water Heating

Water heating contributes to a large portion of your electricity bill. Making smart choices now based on available heating methods, your usage and long term environmental impact will

save you money.

Well Thought-Out Heating & Cooling

How big are the rooms and how often do they need to be heated? Working out what size heating device is needed for each room, how much they cost to run and the longer term environmental impacts of each option is vital on any new build.

Better Lighting

Choosing energy efficient lighting when building a new home not only has an impact on your electricity bill it also means you can avoid issues with insulation and drafts. Modern LED lighting also has a very long life span, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Strategic Use of Windows

Utilising double or triple glazing materials and maximising the sun will add to your homes natural warmth and its ability to retain this free heat.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Building a new home is the perfect

time to investigate the best energy efficient appliances to suit your needs. Making informed choices will mean you can get the very best value for money from the appliance.


Interested in the New Zealand rating system to rank the energy efficiency of homes? The Homestar team at the NZ Building Green Council have created a system that enables builders to specify a buildings performance over a number of categories including energy, health and comfort, water, waste, materials, site, home management and innovation.

Want to know more about building an energy efficient home?

Build7 are an energy conscious company. As certified builders, we provide a no-obligation 1 hour coffee chat for anyone thinking of building and wanting to know how to build an energy efficient home.