7 Advantages Of Building A New House

Building a new house is an exciting opportunity to create the home you’ve always wanted. Choosing the exact specifications, size and orientation along with being able to choose your colours, fixtures and fittings is not only fun and exciting it is often the culmination of many, many hours of planning and forethought.

The enjoyment of seeing all this careful planning put into motion is just one of the many benefits when building a new home, read on for more great reasons to build new.

1. Less Competition

The current New Zealand housing market is ultra-competitive, with property listings in desirable areas being snapped up at lightning speed, sometimes before they’ve even hit the market. And it’s not just in Auckland, the South Island is seeing properties being sold in record time too. Purchasing an empty section is far less competitive, and can be made even easier if you choose a House and Land Package. By choosing to build, you’re reducing the competition with other home-buyers, while also having a better idea of the exact value of the land. After having secured your section, you can then take your time with the home design process.

2. Greater Customisation

Everyone knows this is perhaps the biggest benefit of building a new home. Customising every single element of your design to suit your lifestyle is all part of the fun. From structural elements such as the number of bedrooms and levels your home has, to the flooring, lighting and tapware – every choice is yours. While all of these choices can be overwhelming, experienced local builders’ who are familiar with a wide range of materials and best practice will guide you through this process offering you the best, most cost effective solutions in modern building materials and techniques.

3. Increased Energy Efficiency

A new house means newer more modern technology. Energy efficiency is hugely important in making sure your home is a healthy, warm, cost-effective place to live. Incorporating renewable energy into your build is one way to increase energy efficiency, things like double or triple glazing, high quality insulation or solar panels will save you hugely in the long run. Building to maximise the natural sunlight is also a good way to enhance your warmth and comfort levels long term. Using the sun’s warmth can reduce your energy consumption, harness ‘free’ heat and ensure your new home will have a lighter long-term impact on the planet.

4. Better Budget Control

New build Fixed Price Contracts and Progress Payment Schedules allow you to plan and control your budget with greater accuracy, ensuring your new home, is a home you can actually afford. Buying an existing house is often fraught with unexpected costs such as unexpected maintenance and repairs, which can be missed in pre-purchase building reports. In Christchurch’s post-earthquake housing market in particular, it can be difficult to measure the full extent of renovation work needed until you’ve moved in.

5. Minimal Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the highest expenses for older properties, particularly in New Zealand where our Building Standards have been found lacking in the past. Poor insulation, leaky buildings and insufficient heating and ventilation have all been common occurrence throughout the entire country.  

Building new, with the latest advanced construction techniques and technology means you have the advantage of a home that will be far more efficient to maintain, and with the added bonus of reduced living costs.

6. Better Returns  

If you are building a new house to rent out, and you don’t want to face the hassle of short-term tenants, then building a new house will help here too. People tend to rent new homes with modern features for longer time periods. As well as attracting long-term tenants, you can also charge at a premium rate which results in a higher return on investment. Building a new home will also make sure you adhere to the latest reforms in New Zealand Tenancy law, such as the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act.

7. Bigger Savings With House And Land Packages

The opportunity to purchase your house and land as one package, does have its own advantages over the usual two-step approach of buying a section, then building a home. The main advantage being it can save you time, and time is money.

Buying the house and land together simplifies the entire process of searching for your own section and then having to choose a design that is compatible. Need help with your new build? The team at Build7 can help you in your search for the perfect section, with the negotiations, house and land packages and the design and build process. Take advantage of our free design service today!